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The Centre Fit Performance Hind shoes are specially designed to facilitate many of the needs of today’s performance horses and other horses that work in arena surfaces. The wider toe section allows for less toe-sink in the propulsion phase of the stride. A little extra heel length has been added to support the heel and minimize reverse rotation of the foot into the softer surface upon landing and load. The inner rim of the shoe is raised to allow for less strain on connective tissue around the DIP joint during lateral movements. The toe has a gradual taper that helps minimize strain on the DDFT and Impar Ligament at the time of breakover, yet helps to maintain enough tension to produce a maximum length of stride. And finally, alignment marks on the center of the shoe make it easier to get the shoe properly placed around the widest part of the foot to maintain good D/P balance.


Special Design Features

- Optimal Breakover Design - Includes a higher inner rim for medial/lateral movements

- Hoof-to-Shoe Centering Markers

- Convex radius inner rim for optimal traction and reduced weight

- Well seated-out past the toe-quarters to eliminate the chance of sole pressure

- Heels have been pre-boxed (safed)

- Optional Quarter Clip


Possible Uses

The Centre Fit Performance Shoes are used for a wide variety of ARENA disciplines including dressage, hunters, jumpers, and western performance & english show horses. The extra heel length and wide toe section allows the shoe to support the foot in the deeper arena surface than other shoes on the market today. In cases of minor lameness issues caused from excessive strain, leverage, or horses with Negative Plantar Coffin Bone Angles, the Centre Fit Performance hind shoes incorporate many features that have proven to help relieve or overcome these lameness problems.



Available Sizes:

Size #000 - W=4.25" x L=4.625"

Size #00  - W=4.50" x L=4.875"

Size #0    - W=4.75" x L=5.125"

Size #1    - W=5.00" x L=5.375"


Sold in pairs.

Natural Balance Performance Hinds

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