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Our Story

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Donna Collins founded Hoof & Nail in 1982 after working for a few years in the tack industry. She noticed that farriers were struggling to find the tools that they needed, and decided to start a business that catered specifically to their needs. 

She also wanted to create a company with a community feel, where farriers could sit, chat, and catch up. 

In the early years, Donna worked hard to spread the word about Hoof & Nail. She used to attend blacksmith competitions and deliver buckets of coal and water to the competitors. What kept her going was her love of horses and her respect and admiration for the farrier craft. She has always felt that the farrier community is hard working, down to earth, and highly dedicated to their industry. "It's a hard job, and not many people understand that. It's hard on your mind and your body."


Donna helping at the 1994 World Championship Blacksmith Competition

Today, Donna and her husband Tom continue to serve clients across Alberta, Western Canada, and in many cases, around the world. They work with clients from several disciplines: chuckwagon racing, dressage, roping, jumping, rodeo and barrel racing—just to name a few. Hoof & Nail provides a large variety of quality products that continue to elevate the farrier craft. Tom and Donna do not carry any products that they don't stand by; they are confident that any product purchased from Hoof & Nail will improve the farrier's ability to do their job well. 

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