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Regular head nails come in a nice variety of sizes so they can be used in all kinds of circumstances, on all kinds of horses. Just like the SLIM BLADE, this RH is a real classic, but more among the bigger horses, or those working on harder terrain. Larger regular head nails are used for Draft or other workhorses. They are also used for gaited horse disciplines that are shod with thicker steel.

They are commonly used for resets, or on horses with traction devices that create more stress on the nails.



  • Extra smooth finish, beveled edges, and an extra sharp point means less damage to the foot.
  • Durable steel core, lasts 8-10 weeks with ease.
  • Easy clinching.
  • Fewer hammer blows needed.
  • Strong box made of recycled plastic.


Sold per box (250 nails per box).

Liberty Regular Head Nails

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