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The Liberty HYBRID™ horseshoe nail replaces the nails you are currently using for riding horses, because it combines the best features of many different nail styles. This nail offers simplicity while giving the farrier more options.


Liberty Cu nails have the same characteristics as all Liberty horseshoe nails with the additional benefit of Cu Shield Technology. The copper coating does not rust or wear inside the hoof. When used routinely the hoof wall, white line, and sole are stronger and healthier. Helping hooves to remain strong and healthy throughout the shoeing cycle.



  • Stronger head, with a longer and finer shaft for less nail displacement.
  • Flush fitting with the ground surface for better weight distribution.
  • Extra pitch means less stress on the nail head for more durability.
  • Higher nailing, stronger clinches, perfect combo with pads.
  • Extra smooth finish, extra sharp point, beveled edges for less hoof damage (minimizes pressure on living tissue).
  • Durable steel core, lasts 8-10 weeks with ease.
  • Easy clinching.
  • Fewer hammer blows needed.
  • Strong box made of recycled plastic.


Sold per box (250 nails/box).

Liberty CU Hybrid Nails

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