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The Hydroplastic Hoof Shields soften in hot water to a clear soft putty, rehardens to tough plastic in 2-5 minutes.
Regular: 5 5/8" x 6 3/4"

1. Prepare a container of hot water (145-165 degrees F) do not allow water to boil.
2. Trim and prepare hoof for shoeing. Shape shoe and set aside.
3. Place one Hoof Shield in hot water & allow heating for 1-2 minutes until it turns completely clear.
4. Remove heated pad with wooden spoon. Maintain product shape & form by flipping the soft pad onto a wide open hand. DO NOT FOLD the material onto itself while in the water or on the hand as it will adhere to itself!
5. Lay softened pad onto the prepared hoof.
6. Wet hands to prevent sticking while forming. Press form the soft material into the sole and frog area of the hoof while maintaining the natural contour of the hoof structure & the original shape of the pad. Do not press too hard. Material will naturally conform to sole & frog anatomy with a slight rubbing action.
7.If desired extra Hoof Shield material at the heel can be double or tripple folded to create a build-up for extra wear or a higher heel effect. Excess material overlapping the outer wall may be pressed & formed to fill any weak, cracked or missing areas.
8. Trim any excess overlap with common scissors while still soft.
9. Place the pre-shaped shoe in position & nail as usual.
10. When the shoe is properly nailed in place, trim hardened Hoof Shield pad with a sharpe knife & file the outer edge to conform to the shoe.

Hydroplastic Hoof Shield Pads

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