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The Century family is a unique concept developed by The Royal Kerckhaert Horseshoe Company. The Century design is so popular that Kerckhaert's have been able to adapt the shoe for many different horses worldwide. At the heart of the shoe is a design, which meets all the requirements of the professional farrier. The Century gives the benefit of a concave shoe with the cover and coarser nail hole position of a 3/4 fullered shoe. The Century Support is a cleverly designed horseshoe to support the hoof at the heels and improve break over, whilst giving the farrier the advantages of being both a concave and 3/4 fullered shoe. The Century Support has a wider toe for increased shoe wear and wider heels for more cover and support. The branches remain the normal width, reducing weight and making the shoe easier to shape. The new Aluminium Century Support is now available, with the same design feature of wider toes and heels, making it ideal for the modern sport horse competing at the highest level. From the A-Class through to the Century Big Foot, The Royal Kerckhaert Horseshoe Company provides every horse with the perfect shoe.

Kerckhaert Century Big Foot (Clipped)

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